Sunday, June 26, 2005

What is Podcasting? Why does one Podcast? How?

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting allows individuals to subscribe to websites that provide digital-audio (MP3) such that the individuals' computer, MP3player, PDA or cell phone always has the latest MP3s available without visiting the website. The only effort required for the subscriber is to subscribe and configure the service in a podcasting software program (typically "iTunes") or other RSS Newsreader. This podcasting software automatically detects when new MP3s are available, and loads them into the iPod or mp3 player, as required whenever the MP3 player is connected to the computer.

Why does one Podcast?
Most people podcast for entertainment purposes, for example, having new and unusual music available when away from the Internet. The purpose of this website is to provide informational patent law MP3s that may be used to turn less productive time, such as commuting or exercising, into a learning opportunity.

How does one Podcast?
Podcasting requires podcasting software. Any of the following will suffice:

Download and install your podcasting client according to the instructions provided. After installation, you will need to configure your podcasting client to monitor for new mp3 files. The easiest way to do this is to click this XML button , which may auto-subscribe your podcasting software to this website. If you land on a new webpage, you may click the "One Click Subscription" button, which may also auto-configure your podcasting software. Finally, you may need to manually setup your podcasting client by right click the XML button, copying the link and pasting the link into your podcasting software.

Good luck
Good luck configuring your podcasting software. We are not available to assist users with configuring their personal computers. However, please pass along any helpful hints that we can pass along to other listeners.

Untested, but helpful, Podcasting Links
These were helpful to at least one Patent Pod listener -- your milage may vary.

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