Sunday, June 26, 2005

About Digitized Audio Patent Case law Summaries

The digital audio files available on this site are created from the text of the published court opinion. Before creating the MP3, the text is edited (by computer and by person) to allow for easier understanding in spoken form ("listenability")
  • Most citations are not read.
  • If a citations appears contextually in a sentance, only the name of the case is read.
  • Parenthetical phrases following citations are not read.
  • Certain words frequently used in party names (LLC, Co., Inc.) are now skipped while reading.
  • Page numbers are no longer read.
  • A case summary is added.
  • Different voices are used to read the case summary, the majority opinion and any dissent.
  • Footnotes not spoken.

A short caption of each case is read first and it contains:
  • The short name of the case.
  • The name of the court.
  • The date of the decision.
  • A short summary of the case.
The resulting text is read aloud by various computer voices. Hearing the case without the forgoing information is considerably less effort for the listener. Finally, the voice is converted into an MP3 and made availble via the web and RSS. Software assists the process, but results are not guaranteed. Please check with primary sources before relying on any information found on this site.

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